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Criminal Injuries Compensation Attorney

InjuriesThere is perhaps nothing more traumatizing than being the victim of a violent crime. Yet despite their severe injuries, many crime victims have no recourse for compensation against the person who hurt them or the place they were injured.

When seriously injured crime victims, or loved ones of victims killed during a crime, seek justice outside of the criminal justice system, they need a seasoned attorney with experience in the area of victim compensation. They should not assume that there are no options as a crime victim. Often, there are entities that have duties of care to prevent crime and whose failure to act on those duties can impose liability 

Dedicated Criminal Injury Claims Lawyer

Ralph Davis Law, a Peoria, Illinois, personal injury law firm, can help crime victims recover for the serious injuries or loss of life that resulted from a crime that could have been prevented. Claims for compensation can be brought not only against the defendant, but against third parties who contributed to the injury, including businesses or corporations who had an opportunity to prevent the crime from occurring.

Founding attorney, Ralph D. Davis, has extensive experience advocating on behalf of crime victims who have been seriously injured or killed in violent crimes, including cases involving negligent schools, stores and bars. He has the necessary skill to conduct a thorough investigation into the criminal history in the area and the circumstances that led up to the crime, as well as the in-depth legal knowledge needed to ascertain if any entity had an obligation to take steps to prevent the commission of the crime.

Throughout the entire case, Ralph Davis Law works closely with clients, giving them the personal attention they need to feel confident in their representation. The firm is dedicated to fighting hard for its clients, and finding a way to help them recover for their injuries.

To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Peoria criminal injuries compensation lawyer, contact Ralph Davis Law at 309-676-7707.

Here is a list of crime victim litigation cases that Ralph D. Davis has handled:

- Teenager shot in a retail store.
- Man beaten to death outside a grocery store.
- Man brain damaged from being pistol whipped at a gas station.
- Woman sexually molested by an on-duty policeman.
- Woman injured in an armed robbery in a shopping center parking lot.
- Child sexually molested at a church facility.
- Man who lost an arm in an accident caused by a drunk pleasure boat operator.
- Elderly man sexually molested by a nursing home attendant.
- Woman who lost muscle control of her feet after an auto accident involving a drunk driver.
- Woman intentionally run over by an auto after a drinking party on private property.
- Man swindled by a scheme devised by a rogue bank officer.
- Customers injured when an angry customer intentionally drove a pickup truck into a bar.
- Woman sexually assaulted by her college professor.
- Passengers of a pleasure boat driven into a barge by a drunk operator.
- Man beaten in the street by bar patrons.
- Man struck in the head by a ball bat by a drunk bar patron.
- Man injured as an innocent bystander near a bar brawl.
- Musician injured by an angry bar patron.
- Man severely injured by attack of pit bull dogs.
- Man shot in a night club that had defective metal detection security equipment.

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