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Industrial Agricultural Litigation

AgriHas Your Property Lost Value Because Of Area Feed Lots?

When most people invest in a home, they expect it to remain a safe, healthy place for them to relax, spend time with their family and live comfortably. However, as large animal feeding operations become more common, the local living conditions in many communities are rapidly deteriorating.

Ralph Davis Law in Peoria, Illinois, represents neighbors of large-scale animal feeding operations who are unable to use and enjoy their own property because of the horrible smells, insect pests and noise these concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) bring into their area. These high-stakes nuisance suits require steadfast advocacy by a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the law and extensive litigation experience. Firm founder, Ralph D. Davis, has both. Often partnering with other attorneys or firms to take on these large-scale cases, he excels at helping people find justice in complex farm nuisance disputes.

Experienced Agricultural Law Attorney Representing Property Owners

Ralph Davis Law represents people throughout Illinois in industrial agriculture litigation. The firm fights for neighbors of large animal feeding operations plagued by the profound nuisance of odors, noise and pests.

With nearly 30 years of experience in law and an extensive background in serious personal injury litigation, Ralph D. Davis has the necessary experience to help communities get the relief and compensation they deserve. He works with investigators and experts to build strong cases on behalf of wronged property owners.

To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Peoria industrial agricultural litigation attorney, contact Ralph Davis Law at 309-676-7707.

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